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Hell Freezes Over... I'm on Instagram (apparently)

I'm not exactly big on social media. Call me a miserable old dinosaur but it's not something I'm interested in. Twenty five years of teaching and even longer working professionally in photography mean I've spent much of my time talking and interacting with people face to face. Lockdown Zoom lectures and tutorials were hell, not because of the technology, but the distancing from living, breathing humans makes it almost impossible to connect meaningfully. We're not meant to be datastreams.

I won't catalogue all the other reasons I dislike FaceTwitter and Linked-Tok etc. or this will be very boring. Suffice it to say I've been persuaded of the value of Instagram by Catherine's success as @womanmuchmissed . Her Thomas Hardy project connected her with some wonderful people and institutions and because she's lovely;-) she helped this miserable old dinosaur set up an account. You can find me there as @peterrennphoto.

My grateful thanks to all the nice people who've liked, commented and followed me already.

Be gentle with me: I don't really know what I'm doing - yet!

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