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Alternative and Historic Processes
A practical handbook for photographers

My book used to accompany many of my teaching sessions.  Originally designed for degree students, this has been expanded over the years to cover more processes and techniques, as well as advice on cameras, materials and making equipment. Detailed recipe-style guides on all these processes:

Lumen Prints

Salt Prints
Albumen Prints
Liquid Emulsion
Polaroid Image Transfer
Emulsion Lifts 
Bleaching Instant-Film Negatives
Direct Positive Colour Prints
Toning: Sulphide Toning 
Thiocarbamide (Thiourea) Toning
Selenium Toning
Iron (Blue) Toning
Iron/Sulphide (Green) Toning
Lith Printing 
Hand Colouring
‘Silver Plate’ (Rockland Halo-Chrome) Toning
Carbon Printing   
Photopolymer / Letterpress 

There are also descriptive guides to:

Wet-Plate Collodion


(while not as detailed as the other process guides listed above they give an idea of what is involved for the advanced worker who wants to move into these processes)


There is also information on:

Sensitising Materials

Exposing The Print 
Digital  Negatives

Paper Negatives

F-Stop Test Strips

Colour Filtration Grids

Cameras and Lenses
Making Your Own Equipment

Available as a  124- page A4 physical book or as a download. 

Some sample pages are below...

Click the button below to email me to order or to request  more details.

Leaf -through video:

A short video showing the book in more detail:

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